Mama Knows was birthed over 10 years ago and the evolution of this creation has morphed and bloomed as much as I have. Over a decade working in a range of kitchens across the Bay Area and well over 10,000 hours put into my craft. Fine dining, popups, consulting, catering, cannabis, i've done just about everything.

I've been in hibernation for almost a year in Fort Madison, Iowa.  So much has changed in the course of a year but the call to create still  time to create something that serves my family and community wholly. Food has become entertainment for many but in our current space, for me it's about survival.  Creating a counter culture through nourishment, culinary creativity, and education is where the focus is. 

I believe in the healing powers of whole foods and that people truly want to eat better, but convenience and accessibility must be prioritized. Locally there are few resources or options that offer fresh whole foods so here is where I am choosing to begin.

I hope to build strong and lasting partnerships with our local purveyors, organic farmers, and land stewards. The vulnerability in our food supply has been exposed with the current pandemic and climate change will continue to affect us all in the coming years. Collaborative action and efforts to address food justice and food sovereignty must be prioritized within our micro communities as communal care is the future. Radical imagination and deep discussions will always be prioritized and welcomed at my table. 

If there's one thing I hope to pass on through this creative pursuit and my craft is how fiercely I have been loved and guided along the way. I look forward to learning, cooking, and growing along side you and your families.

The deepest gratitude for sharing your time.

Always Love.





A little over a year ago a talented friend asked to shoot a mini bio for her class.  So here is the snapshot in time transitioning to come home after over a decade in the bay. Thank you Juliua, for choosing me for your project as well as supporting me over the years.