• Domenique Garcia

Mama Knows Joins the Meatless May Campaign

Mama Knows has joined the LULAC coalition in their boycott against factory farms. We signed Meatless May pledge in solidarity with the essential workers and families whose lives have been put at risk by the continued practice of profits over people. In a call to action we join LULAC Iowa in launching a virtual program to promote plant forward recipes, meal prep pointers, and videos for you to join and eat with us. The Decolonize Your Diet program aims to promote the health, healing, and wellbeing of those in the community through food and education. Through the month of May we will pay homage to those who came before us and those put in harms way by promoting a diet based on traditional foods made with fresh produce, whole grains, legumes, and what I can find locally in small town southeast Iowa. Sharing ways and ideas to eat your ethics is our contribution to the cause.

Any local growers, foragers, and makers who would like to collaborate or contribute, please email Domenique at Mamaknowsgrub@gmail.com.

Join us in taking the pledge at:


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