• Domenique Garcia

Mama Knows Transitions

We have decided to take a step back from our popup pantry to focus on what we know best and that's feeding our community intentional food made with love. There's been a lot of brainstorming on the nourishment mission and I hope to open up for a different style of service in the near future.

We have donated the remainder of our community pantry supplies to the SDA Service Community Center. Volunteers are setup outside the center every Tuesday from 9am-3pm with weather permitting. The center is located on 17th Street between Avenue H and I, nearr Family Video in Fort Madison, IA. Their inventory includes clothes, essential items, as well as books for and from our community. With your contributions we were able to donate household cleaning essentials, paper products, books, masks, and baby items. Thank you again, neighbors for showing up with us to take care of those around us. Our Mama Knows family is still available to assist our community members seeking support through shared resources or procuring essentials items. Never hesitate to reach out to if you or someone you know could use a helping hand.

I look forward to feeding you.




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